Cloud based reliable Student Transportation intelligent control center.

An excellent solution to safely plan, pick up and drop your kids.

SpotBus provides a cloud-based AI school bus “control center” and “Platform” that increases the safety and efficiency of school bus fleets. We work with educators, families, transportation companies and school districts to ensure your community’s kids get safely to and from school. SpotBus currently operates in seven states, with customers across the school bus transportation industry including charter schools, in-house transportation, bus companies, electric school bus fleets, and special education transportation.

Our Unique Features
  • Parent App
  • Driver App
  • School Admin
  • School Admin Panel

Real-time School
Transport Tracking

Route changes/absence

Vehicle Monitoring System

SpotBus Tracking App focuses on reducing the anxiety of parents for the kids going to school as it provides exact location time and speed of school bus reducing the waiting time at the bus stop.

It isn’t only a school bus tracking application per se it can greatly simplify the whole process of organizing and managing the whole time table of when to send your kids out to board the bus and when to leave your home to pick your kids on their way back from school, it just eliminates the waiting time completely thus saving your children from standing out waiting in harsh weather conditions.