Intelligence At Your Fingertips For A Smarter School Bus Experience

SpotBus is an app that comes with all benefits of tracking your kid’s school bus but without the need of setting up and maintaining local transportation management system.
SpotBus can also incorporate cards issued to students enabling real-time tracking of students i.e. when they enter/exit the school premises, route deviation alerts sent to parents and school staff, ridership tracking, and more. SpotBus is an excellent integrated solution that encompasses everything a parent might need when it comes to monitoring and tracking their kid’s school bus movement and also for schools maintaining their bus fleet as well as tracking their vehicles in real time.

It isn’t only a school bus tracking application per se it can greatly simplify the whole process of organizing and managing the whole time table of when to send your kids out to board the bus and when to leave your home to pick your kids on their way back from school, it just eliminates the waiting time completely thus saving your children from standing out waiting in harsh weather conditions.SpotBus is a very comprehensive solution that comes with routing and planning along with school bus GPS tracking.

Notable parts of the SpotBus are that it allows parents enabling them to know when their child enters and leave the bus, when it enters custom hazard zones, and know about any delays or detours via push notifications.
SpotBus tracking system is built around ease of use and quick setup, using smart route detection to automatically track buses even as they are swapped out or move between routes.

SpotBus offers parents detailed info regarding buses and routes, all of which is available to see on an interactive map and various report formats. Parents are informed via notifications once the bus is getting near their stop, and they can get an up-to-the-minute ETA for when the bus will get to their stop and parents can completely customize the distance from their stop to get the notifications according to their ease & need.

Using SpotBus, drivers get real-time turn-by-turn directions, which accurately mobilize students to and from school each day. If buses are ever delayed, Parents and School administrators are notified as required.