Spot Bus

Real-time School
Bus Tracking

GPS Tracking System

SpotBus is a fully integrated bus management database that supports both bus routing and tracking. A few of many useful features are:

GPS Technology

GPS Tracking Technology

For Driver  & Parents
  • A huge number of customizable features.
  • Different product tiers for schools and parents.
  • Complete & comprehensive bus and student tracking solutions.
  • Completely customizable for parents so that they can set up alerts as per their requirements.
  • Very easy to use yet comprehensive application.
  • The notification system is just great for students, parents, and school management.
  • Can be integrated easily with a large number of third-party softwares.
  • A completely cloud-based solution.




Parents receive notifications according to their preferences


Eliminates the worry of parents in terms of sending their kids out and waiting for the bus and gives complete peace of mind as they can live track the bus.

Real Time – No Pooling

App receives the school bus’s location update in real-time without pooling the server. Parents can track the assigned driver’s location.

Set Location

Parents can set their preferred pick-up/drop-off location

View Parents Locations

Driver can view the pick-up/drop-off location of all parents

Live tracking through GPS

Technology at its best, parents can track their kid’s school bus live as it cruises through its route and can see that the kids have reached school/home safely.

School Admin Panel

Transport Managers or school administrators have various tasks including student safety, addressing parent concerns, allocation, and optimization.

Our admin panel is designed to manage these tasks without any hassle.


View your registered parents, drivers, and get statistics about mobile apps usage at a glance


Update school address by writing its address. Do not worry! Google maps places API will show up a list of addresses that match your entered address


Manage drivers with add, read, update, and delete capabilities. Also, view the real-time location of a driver on the map


Manage parents with add, read, update, and delete capabilities. Also, view the pick-up/drop-off location of a parent on the map


Manage the school profile