Cloud Based Reliable Student Transport Intelligent Control Center

Intelligent AI Platform

SpotBus utilizes sophisticated algorithms within its AI platform to enhance school transportation routes, resulting in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

SpotBus Canvas

Our Canvas feature gives users the option to choose between manual routing and AI-powered routing, providing flexibility and efficiency in planning routes.

Student Attendance

Make attendance tracking easier with QR code technology, guaranteeing precise and efficient student check-ins and check-outs.

Advanced Driver App with Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Our driver app offers turn-by-turn navigation and real-time pre/post-trip inspection capabilities, improving both driver safety and efficiency.

Parent App with Real-Time Tracking

Keep parents updated and reassured with real-time tracking of school buses and personalized notifications for crucial updates.

Vehicle and Driver Management

Optimize operations using thorough vehicle and driver management tools, guaranteeing compliance and maximizing fleet performance.

Custom Form Integration

Effortlessly incorporate personalized forms into your school transportation procedures, capturing vital information and enhancing communication.

Advanced Customizable Trip Inspection

Improve safety and adherence to regulations with advanced customizable trip inspections for both pre-trip and post-trip checks.

AI Assistant

Our AI chatbot delivers quick support and answers to common questions, boosting customer service quality and operational efficiency.

Spot Bus

Transportation intelligent control

SpotBus Inc, tracking system is built around ease of use and quick setup, using smart route detection to automatically track buses even as they are swapped out or move between routes.

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SpotBus Canvas

Our AI-powered routing generates optimized routes with a single click

Transportation Dashboard

SpotBus revolutionizes transportation management with its powerful features

Driver App

Alert Notifications

Parent App

Notifications, Real-Time – No Pooling, Desirable assurance, Set Location


Cloud based reliable Student Transportation intelligent control center.

An excellent solution to safely plan, pick up and drop your kids.

With real-time data synchronization, advanced algorithms, and robust security measures, it ensures reliable and efficient operations. From optimized routes to live tracking and parent notifications, our system prioritizes safety and streamlines communication. Experience the future of student transportation management with our innovative control center.

Routing Canvas

One-Click AI powered Automated Routing

  • Effortless Route Automation
  • Configurable Restricted Areas
  • Seamless Assignments: Students to Stops
  • Optimized Driver Time
  • Maximized Vehicle Capacity
  • Custom Route Constraints
  • Multi-User, Multi-Session Flexibility
  • Fuel Optimization

Manual Route Creation & Optimization

  • Route Personalization
  • Drag & Drop Control
  • Easy Route Adjustments
  • Enforced Custom Constraints
  • Configurable Restricted Areas
  • Handcrafted Fine-Tuning over Automation
  • Insightful insights
Transportation Dashboard
Real-Time Bus Tracking, Comprehensive Insights & Performance Analytics –

SpotBus revolutionizes transportation management with real-time bus tracking, estimated arrival times, and route monitoring. Proactive notifications ensure teams stay informed about critical events like bus breakdowns.

Managing Students & their Data

Transportation Dashboard centralizes student data management, including special needs and parent information, with simplified student addition through bulk imports or integration with student information systems. The dashboard provides secure and encrypted data storage, along with insights and analysis, such as attendance tracking, for efficient transportation management.

Student Attendance

SpotBus features a user-friendly Student Attendance system that utilizes QR code scanning for streamlined tracking. The Transportation Dashboard provides immediate access to attendance data and insightful analysis, enhancing efficiency, accountability, and security in smart transportation management.

Efficient Driver Management with SpotBus

SpotBus’s driver management feature offers a centralized dashboard for driver data, performance analysis, and monitoring. Proactive notifications ensure compliance with expiring licenses and certifications, simplifying and enhancing driver management for transportation directors.

Vehicle Management and Optimization

SpotBus’s vehicle management feature offers a centralized dashboard for tracking and managing vehicle data, including seating capacity, fuel consumption, and video surveillance. The upcoming integration of AI-powered insights enhances security and provides valuable data to transportation directors for optimal route planning and cost reduction.

Forms Management

SpotBus Transportation Dashboard integrates with Google Forms, enabling streamlined form creation and management. Responses are automatically registered, prioritized, and assigned, while public webpage integration eliminates manual linking. This feature simplifies form processes, saving time for schools and transportation directors.

Trip Analytics

SpotBus Transportation Dashboard integrates with Google Forms for streamlined form creation and management. Responses are automatically registered, prioritized, and assigned, with public webpage integration and form templates for time-saving convenience.

Seamless Communication

SpotBus’s Dashboard streamlines communication with Email, SMS, and App Notifications, including customizable templates and scheduling options. Effortlessly disseminate vital updates to students and parents, enhancing communication efficiency and convenience.

Reporting and Analytics

SpotBus enables the generation of customized reports for route optimization, driver performance, and more. The self-serve dashboard allows easy downloads for insurance and state reporting, facilitating data-driven decision-making and operational optimization.

Notifications and Alerts

SpotBus’s smart notifications and alerts keep you updated on critical activities in real-time, categorized for prioritized attention. Stay in control of your school bus operations, never missing important events with SpotBus’s dashboard.

Role-Based User Management

SpotBus provides fine-grained, role-based access control for secure collaboration among users. Admins can manage permissions for specific schools and data, streamlining user management and ensuring efficient collaboration.

AI-Powered Search & Assistance

SpotBus enhances user experience with AI-driven search, enabling quick information retrieval and saved queries. The AI-powered help guide provides prompt and accurate assistance directly from the dashboard, ensuring efficient support whenever needed.

Integrated Video Surveillance (Launching Soon)

SpotBus is integrating video surveillance into the Transportation Dashboard, providing users with access to live and recorded feeds. AI-powered insights, reports, and critical clip highlights streamline monitoring and eliminate the need for extensive footage review. A significant addition to SpotBus’s AI-powered transportation hub.

Guided Setup and Bulk Imports

SpotBus offers an intuitive Guided Setup for effortless onboarding, simplifying the setup of accounts, schools, drivers, and students. Multiple bulk import options and automated data extraction from systems like PowerSchools streamline the process and reduce manual data entry, ensuring a smooth transition.

Driver App
Effortless Student Attendance System

SpotBus provides a zero-touch solution for student attendance recording through QR code scanning on the driver’s tablet. An integrated safety feature ensures accuracy by alerting the driver to any discrepancies with assigned routes or stops.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

SpotBus app offers drivers turn-by-turn navigation based on optimized routes, with seamless updates for temporary route changes or merges, ensuring accurate directions at all times.

Driver Attendance System

SpotBus ensures driver accountability with a robust attendance system, allowing logins only during designated shift windows and recording all activities. Suspicious login attempts outside shift hours are flagged for review, enhancing driver accountability and monitoring.

Pre & Post Trip Inspection

SpotBus mandates pre and post-trip inspections by drivers, with updated inspection items on the driver’s app. The Transportation Director can manage and update these items through the SpotBus Transportation Dashboard, ensuring safety and compliance.

Driver Performance Analysis

SpotBus records and analyzes driver performance, providing insights on speed, route coverage, and stoppage duration. These reports empower Transportation Directors with actionable data for optimizing routes and improving driver performance.

Immediate Breakdown Assistance

SpotBus Driver App enables instant, one-click breakdown notifications to the Transportation Director’s team, providing real-time bus location and capacity information for efficient backup planning and minimizing disruptions in service.

Parent App
Real-time bus tracking

SpotBus Parent App allows real-time tracking of a child’s school bus location, enhancing time management, minimizing wait times, and applying to regular routes and field trips.

Personalized Notification Settings

SpotBus Parent App provides customizable notification settings for parents, allowing them to choose the timing and frequency of notifications based on the bus’s arrival and departure times.

AI-Powered Chatbot for Prompt Query Resolution

SpotBus offers an AI-powered chatbot that provides quick information to parents, eliminating wait times for manual responses from the Transportation Director’s team.

Assured Security & Safety

SpotBus allows parents to track their child’s location during field trips, ensuring safety and peace of mind. The data is secure and private, accessible only by parents for enhanced child safety.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of SpotBus GPS tracking system?

Addresses safety concerns. Reduce fuel and operational costs. Has integrated online payment system. Customized apps for individual users. Real-time notifications.

Is internet connection necessary to receive notifications?

No, it’s not necessary, as you can receive notifications in the form of SMS as well.

Is there any additional charge required for real-time notifications?

No, our school bus tracking is included with all those features.

Is software easy to install?

Yes, it’s easy. In case, if you face any difficulty during installation, then we shall provide you with installation guide.