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Real-time School Transport Tracking SOLUTION

Better Safety

Kids are not required to stand on road waiting for the bus to arrive, with SpotBus parents just know when to send their kids out as the bus arrives eliminating the wait time and hazards of being on the road.

Superior Control

Parents are in total control of tracking the school bus when it’s about to arrive and are informed via various types of notifications as set by them.

Live tracking through GPS

Technology at its best, parents can track their kid’s school bus live as it cruises through its route and parents will be content to see that the kids have reached school/home.

Desirable assurance for Parents

Eliminates the worry of parents in terms of sending their kids out and waiting for the bus and gives complete parents will be conscious as they can live track the bus.

Efficiency For Schools

Schools are in total control of their transport operations so effectively, Spot Bus gives them the freedom to manage and monitor their whole fleet with efficiency and accuracy.

Vigilance and Attentiveness

SpotBus is alert and very vigilant all the time, which in turn gives parents freedom and peace of mind.

Spot Bus


SpotBus Inc, tracking system is built around ease of use and quick setup, using smart route detection to automatically track buses even as they are swapped out or move between routes.

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Alert Notification


School Admin Panel, Dashboard, Drivers


An Interactive & Comprehensive app with GPS Tracking!

An excellent solution to safely plan, pick up and drop your kids.

SpotBus is a very interactive app with benefits of GPS tracking functions such as route creation and optimization, driver monitoring, route deviation alerts, push notifications notifying parents and students when buses are running late, and more.

Transportation Administration
Route Planning

Automatically plan fuel & cost efficient routes in just few clicks with student assignments & stops consolidations.

Real-Time tracking

Track all your buses in real time, along with their vehicle & driving statistics.


Generate reports on driver performance, de-tour trips, attendance.

Student Attendance

Manage and view students onboarding & offboarding attendance.

End-to-End management

Manage all transportation entities for their full lifecycle from students, trips, users, driver & vehicles.

Breakdown Trip Handling

Get instant alerts on breakdown trips and send a replacement vehicle

Driver App
Turn by Turn navigation

Get guided navigation with optimized routes & turn-by turn navigation, along with pickup details.

One-scan attendance

Students can scan their QR Code to update their attendance without any intervention from driver.

One-click SOS & Breakdown Assistance

Drivers can reach out for any help or breakdown assistance with one click.

Historical Trips

Record historical trips data with vehicle data.

Pre & Post Trip Inspection

Vehicle inspection for better safety.

Parent App
Real time bus tracking

Customized notifications to alert for bus arrival.


Customized notifications to alert for bus arrival.


Attendance views & notifications about student movement along with driver performance evaluation.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of SpotBus GPS tracking system?

Addresses safety concerns. Reduce fuel and operational costs. Has integrated online payment system. Customized apps for individual users. Real-time notifications.

Is internet connection necessary to receive notifications?

No, it’s not necessary, as you can receive notifications in the form of SMS as well.

Is there any additional charge required for real-time notifications?

No, our school bus tracking is included with all those features.

Is software easy to install?

Yes, it’s easy. In case, if you face any difficulty during installation, then we shall provide you with installation guide.