An Ideal Solution for Efficient School Transport Management
Efficient School Transport Management System
Parents are always worried about the safety of their children while sending them to school. That’s perhaps the key reason they choose a school closest to their residence. Along with the quality of education and other better facilities, transport services have also become one of the priorities of parents when searching for the best school for their kids.

Today, most schools have their fleet of school buses to provide pick-up and drop facilities to their students and staff. They take all the essential measures to ensure student safety, especially while traveling on school buses. To achieve this, many schools are adopting the latest technology in the form of a school transport management system that makes the transportation management task much easier for the schools.

A Brief about Transport Management Systems
In today’s time, technological advancements have transformed the entire transportation management to a great extent. Today, most buses and other vehicles have GPS, Wi-Fi, satellite radio, and various other facilities that allow efficient and systematic management of transportation systems. The school transport management system is one such technological advancement in the field of education.

A transportation management system is a database-driven software system that allows users to plan, execute, and monitor their transportation system to ensure the utmost safety and less chance of any accidents. By automating the whole process, the system significantly reduces the need for manual interferences. Also, various metrics can be analyzed in real-time and instant reports can be generated with all the key details of the transportation system.

The transport management system for schools consists of various robust, secure, and reliable transport management solutions. It can be one of the factors parents consider for their kids when choosing a school. It allows school administration to keep an eye on their entire transportation system in real time. The system delivers various functionalities including vehicle tracking, route details, driver’s details, driver profile management, and more. Even parents can take the benefit of live tracking of school vehicles to determine the exact location of their children. Also, schools can connect with students as well as their parents easily via centralized transport management solutions.


The Features of Transport Management System

Some of the key features of a transport management system are mentioned below:

GPS Tracking: The transport management system for schools facilitates real-time GPS tracking. GPS or Global Positioning System is a technology that acts as a navigation satellite system and offers location, time, and speed synchronization. GPS technology works in almost all weather conditions. It is ideal for tracking location, determining accurate time, and navigation purposes. With GPS technology, school authorities can make their transportation system more efficient while ensuring student safety. The technology helps to optimize route management together with managing students’ pick-ups and drops in an efficient manner.

Live Tracking Facility for Parents: The system allows parents to remain updated regarding the pick-up and drop stops, traveling route, driver details (name and contact number), details of the school vehicle like number and identification, and other important details. With the help of a transport management system, parents can track the school bus and other details in real-time through their phones. This provides them the accurate details of the transportation system that their child is using. The system allows them to connect directly with school management for any queries or concerns.

Transport Attendance Management: Transport attendance management is an essential feature of the transport management system. It allows school authorities to update details in the system about holidays, vehicle scheduling, changes in routes, driver work shifts, assigning students, parents, and teachers to a particular school route, and various other details. With the help of the transport management system’s attendance management feature, it becomes very convenient for school management to create a precise and efficient schedule for the transportation system. This way it also helps to save a lot of time and resources by eliminating the requirement of manually deciding and managing things related to school transportation.

Carrier Contracts Management: The carrier contracts management feature of the school transport management system allows school authorities to track all their terms and carrier agreements in real-time. This allows authorities to access the carriers based on their specific requirements or parameters. Even the system can suggest the best carriers based on the specified parameters.

Transport Reports and Analytics: The transport management system also helps to keep a record of all transportation-related activities. It enables school administration to record and update details such as bus and transport insurance, license renewal, bus identification details, school bus route details, vehicle maintenance, expenses, student attendance, transport staff salary, etc. The report for all these details can be generated and analyzed easily.

Better Decision-Making Ability: Based on the reports like vehicle usage, fuel consumption, driver’s behavior, any delays in pick-up or drops, and various other reports, school management can make important decisions. These informed decisions can contribute to improved vehicle performance, enhanced student safety, better service, etc.

Conclusion: Education institutions must invest in the right transport management system to create a secure and advanced school environment. Nowadays, several school transport management system providers available in the market can customize the solution based on the specific requirements of the education institutes. After all, investing in such systems is beneficial for school management in terms of automation, improved efficiency, better security, superior transport management, and cost-effectiveness. It is also beneficial for parents as they get peace of mind regarding the safety of their children.

At SpotBus we provide School Bus Tracking System fleet management features for school buses integrated with GPS Tracking, resulting in the most integrated Student Location Tracking System in North America.

SpotBus, Inc School Bus Tracking is a location-based service that helps you track the safety and location of your children while in transit. Educational institutes across the country are steadily adopting this service for the safety and security of children.

Our School Bus Transport is specially designed for you to manage your fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses. This service provides real-time information on the whereabouts of your buses. Security features like an access card and live image capture can also be integrated to ensure added safety of school children.

Features of our School Bus Tracking System
  •    Real-time tracking: Track your bus in real-time on the web
  •    Route replay: Replay the route that a bus has taken
  •    Geo-fencing: Get an alert as soon as the bus deviates from predefined routes
  •    Geo-tagging: Each bus stop is marked on a map to know the bus position relative to school stops
  •    Parent alerts: Parents of the wards get alerts for pick-up and drop when a school bus is reaching their respective stop
  •    Speed estimates: Get average and real-time speed
  •    Over speeding alerts: Set a target speed and get an SMS alert on over speed. Also, get a history of all such alerts.
  •    Real time tracking,  time spent at its pick up point

Advantages of our School Bus Tracking System

End-to-end service including device, application, and connectivity, means greater accountability and lower cost of ownership.

Access to scalable and future-proof services means you need not invest upfront

  •   Quick and seamless deployment helps you get started at the earliest
  •   Real-time tracking and alerts help you monitor safety during transit