SpotBus enables reliable and efficient operations through robust scheduling, dispatch, and time & attendance functions and manages every little detail more easily with one platform integration.

SpotBus view your school bus fleet to manage operations more efficiently and make better use of resources and budget. Safeguard students and arrive on time by integrating SpotBus solutions.

Three solutions together on one platform for a single-view dashboard of daily operations. With one plug-and-play integration.

Admin Console: Scheduling and Dispatch, elevate on-time arrival rates to serve your transportation and allows you to watch your buses on the map in real-time, and see how long the bus spends at each stop so you can work with parents to make things run more smoothly. Patented Any Bus, Any Route™ means buses move on/off routes for maintenance automatically with no configuration changes needed. Parents get an app with real-time ETAs and automatic notifications instead of calling for information.

Driver App: Keep drivers and dispatch on the same page with a clear communication platform.

Parent App: Reduce incoming call volumes by empowering parents with a user-friendly bus-tracking app.