For the past few years, technological advancements have constantly influenced the School transportation system. IT companies are considering it as a golden opportunity to prove the capability of modern technology in solving security issues of the school bus transportation system. Indeed, their effort is reflected in modern school bus transportation, which combines a global positioning system and radio frequency identification.

Access to customized GPS school bus tracking systems has brought several cutting-edge advancements in the traditional school transportation system.

In today’s time, GPS-enabled school buses are the most reliable modes of student commute. GPS tracking solution installed in school buses enables school bus tracking, route planning, and student attendance tracking.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

GPS tracking was one of the first major technology advancements for school buses and has made the most significant impact so far.

For parents, GPS tracking offers a substantial increase in peace of mind. Almost 62 percent of families with children have both parents employed, so time spent worrying about where the bus is can significantly impact scheduling and stress levels for parents.

With some forms of GPS tracking, parents can simply check on the bus location from an app. There’s no more standing outside for 20 minutes, waiting for a late bus that still may not arrive for some time.

In addition to the convenience for parents, school bus GPS offers safety benefits to students. In areas prone to heavy inclement weather, students are at risk of unnecessary exposure.

In Arizona, temperatures regularly reach a maximum average of 98°F in May. For the students waiting for a bus home in the afternoon, a few extra minutes of exposure can cause heat stroke. On the other side of the thermometer, waiting for buses in the cold increases the chances of kids catching frostbite or other cold-related ailments.

Operator Benefits

School bus drivers benefit from GPS, too. Paper maps and comprehensive knowledge of the route area are no longer enough to maximize efficiency. With traffic congestion growing in all areas of the country and more drivers using GPS, it’s no longer possible to find the fastest and most efficient routes via traditional analog methods.

With school bus GPS navigation, new drivers don’t get lost and overwhelmed by school bus driver job duties, and experienced drivers enjoy the guarantee of having the quickest route provided. GPS helps drivers focus on staying safe and proactive on the road.

For fleet management, GPS provides cost-saving safety features. These systems can document improper driving patterns such as speeding, sudden braking, and deviation from the route. Many insurance companies consider GPS systems anti-theft tools and offer lower premiums for buses that have them.

There’s also an environmental benefit — GPS tracking reduces unnecessary drive time by optimizing routes, thereby decreasing fuel usage. It can also reduce unnecessary idling time.

The advantages of GPS tracking offer equal benefits to parents, students, drivers, and the companies that manage bus fleets. It’s difficult to picture a more significant advancement in technology for school buses.

Let’s have a look at how technology has changed the school bus transportation system:

  • No more waiting at the bus stop: The implementation of GPS tracking technology in the school bus transportation system has given relief to parents, who are tired of the long hours of waiting at the bus stop. Now parents will get notified about the arrival and departure of the bus on time. As parents are notified about the exact time of arrival, they can pick up their kids at the right time; with no extra stress regarding kids’ safety. This not only eliminates the waiting time at the bus stop but also improves the security of the child.
  • Real-time tracking of school buses: The GPS tracking solution enables you to view the real-time movement of school buses on the live map. Live monitoring of the school bus will ensure a safe commute, prevent over-speeding, and eliminate procrastination and route deviation.
  • Route planning is done within minutes: As we know the school bus transportation system is quite comprehensive. With the use of the School bus tracking system, tedious route planning can be completed in a very short span of time. It can automate route creation along with defining the stoppages. It ensures the shortest route has a minimum number of diversions which makes it perfect for a safe commute.
  • Easy to keep track of students boarding/de-boarding the School bus: The installation of an RFID-enabled system in school bus transportation enables the school bus attendance tracking, with which it becomes possible to track students boarding/de-boarding the bus. It not only helps in maintaining a safe commute but can also be helpful in tracking the students in case they de-board at the wrong stop.
  • Safe and environment-friendly transportation system: GPS-enabled school bus provides you with a safe and environment-friendly school bus transportation system. Real-time tracking of school buses helps in optimizing the school bus route thereby reducing fuel consumption. It alerts the school admin on excessive idling of the school bus, which helps control the wastage of fuel. Less fuel burning also lowers the carbon dioxide discharge making it an environment-friendly solution. The GPS tracking software ensures school bus safety by sending notifications for over-speeding, route deviation, traffic conditions, etc.