SpotBus For Bus Operators and School Admin

Track your school buses in real-time. See them moving on a map in your browser. Quickly & easily generate reports showing speeding, excessive idling, and more.

SpotBus includes an app for parents & students. It tells them when their school bus will arrive. It notifies them when their bus is near.

No more missed buses. No more waiting at the bus stop in poor weather. You’ll receive fewer angry calls from parents about missed buses, and fewer inquiries asking, “Where’s my bus?”

And, are you ready for this? SpotBus is not only the best and easiest-to-use system for tracking your fleet, but it’s also free of cost to Bus Operators and School Admin.

Locate Any Bus : Instantly locate any bus in your fleet right on your monitor or tablet. Know exactly when each stop occurred. See average arrival time at each stop and variability.

See All Buses : See any bus or entire fleet on map in real time. See the complete route of any bus, on any day, for any period.

Lowest Price : Simply the lowest price in the industry, SpotBus is free for Bus Operators and School Admin. For parents & students our app is free for first two month and there after they will be billed $5 to $10 per account/ per login. Oh, and the app is free for Bus Operators and School Admin!

Excess Idling : Identify buses that are wasting fuel.

Reduce Calls : Significantly reduce calls from parents asking, “Where’s my bus?”

Disabled Bus : When a bus in your fleet becomes disabled, SpotBus identifies it and shows you its exact location.

Late : SpotBus identifies and shows buses that are running behind schedule.

FAQ: Bus Operators

My school district is small. Will SpotBus work for me?

We love small school districts, and we feel priviledged to work with them. Until now, many small school districts simply could not afford real-time school bus tracking. With SpotBus every school district can track their school buses, and we get small school districts up and running in no time!

My school district is large. Will SpotBus work for me?

We love large school districts. Transportation for a large school district is such a big and complex problem that effective solutions are not enough, they must also be simple to implement and use.

SpotBus software presents the simplest display with the most information and performs routine tasks with the fewest clicks and keystrokes.

SpotBus software even shows you the status of each bus (moving, idling, running late, out-of-service) continuously without any clicks or keystrokes!

How do I bring SpotBus into my school district?

It’s easy. You can start by signing up, and provide you and your staff with an account to use. This let’s you try-before-you so you know exactly what you’re getting.

When you’re ready to roll out SpotBus to your entire fleet, that’s easy too. Just provide us with a list of your bus numbers (and/or route numbers) and we’ll set everything up. We’ll send you Bus Operators and School Admin Console.

Is SpotBus secure?

Yes. Only your staff will have access to your bus data via the web. Only parents and students will be able to use the SpotBus app to track buses, and only the buses which serve them.

Unlike other systems, the SpotBus app does not collect any personal information about parents or children. The SpotBus app includes no advertising and no information of any sort is ever sold or distributed. The most secure information is the information never collected.

Also, feel free to read our privacy policy, the most protective in the industry. If you look, you’ll find that many of our competitors don’t even post privacy policies.