The technology in logistics and transportation has advanced greatly over the recent years. This has also benefited school bus transport for pupils. For any school the safety of school children is a top priority and so the GPS tracking device can help the school be actively and practically use this.

Installing the right GPS device and software can help the school get all the info they require, such as, driver behavior rash driving, if a wrong route is being taken or delays. It can also be tailored to serve a wide range of needs for the school authorities.

Advantages of GPS Tracking system for school bus include:

Safety of Students

Every parent would want all possible precautions taken to ensure their child’s safety whether at home, at school or while on the school bus. A GPS device installed on buses can ensure that the school administration have a way to gather all the info they need, minute by minute. Parents too look for such facility when they send their kids to school, with reliable monitoring of arrivals and delays.

Driver Behaviors

Monitoring the school bus driver’s behavior is a priority for every school, in order to assure the safety of school children. Accidents have happened because of rash driving of drivers. Now, schools can keep a vigilant eye on drivers to detect over-speeding, reckless driving, sudden acceleration, braking and cornering. Even a detour from the route and unnecessary stops, with the device installed on-board the bus\, can be noticed.

Arrival and departure monitoring for parents

One of the most loved features of the GPS tracking system by parents, is the reliable info of arrival and departure of the vehicles. Instead of getting fed up with waiting at a stop point for the school bus for hours, they can schedule their day accordingly. Parents can be relieved of the anxiety and have peace of mind, with the help of this monitoring device working on GPS technology.

Cost Saving tech

The GPS Tracking system undoubtedly helps in reducing the costs of operations of buses for schools. They can cut down on unnecessary fuel, repairs and maintenance, as the GPS device helps improving route efficiency, reduce idle time and prevents misuse of the bus by its drivers. The fleet management system also helps in checking vehicle performance and maintenance needs, reducing maintenance costs.

Enabled with mobile app and alerts

The FMS can be further enhanced with a mobile application, which can be enabled with alerts and notifications. Both the school staff and parents will find it pretty useful, as alerts and notifications are delivered to a mobile device which is handy to use by both staff and parents. The alerts can be instantly sent in case of issues and emergencies. This results in the quick response and action taken.

SpotBus is a very interactive app with benefits of GPS tracking functions such as route creation and optimization, driver monitoring, route deviation alerts, push notifications notifying parents and students when buses are running late, and more.
SpotBus tracking system allows for real-time GPS tracking of every vehicle in the school fleet as well as driver monitoring and route deviation alerts.