Parents are concerned about their children’s location

As a parent, wouldn’t you like to know where the school bus is that you and your child are waiting for?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to see your child’s bus on a map, know if it is running late, get an ETA estimate of its arrival, get notifications if it is behind schedule, and get alerted in case of emergency?

How about even being able to see that your child is confirmed to be on the bus so you know they are safe and en route as expected?

With today’s quickly developing systems these features and many more are giving parents and school administrators more peace of mind, control and efficiency in the critical effort of transporting children safely to and from school.

How much oversight do you have over your buses, while they’re on the road? If one suddenly came to an unexpected stop or deviated from its route without warning, how long would it take you to know?

For too many districts, the answer would be “a long time.” Without being able to directly track buses on their routes, they’re left with little way of overseeing bus’s progress aside from relying on radio reports. And if the bus driver is unable -or unwilling- to radio in, they’re basically in the dark.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. School bus tracking systems, based on a GPS unit which is constantly reporting the bus’s location, are a robust and easily-implemented technology. They are still somewhat expensive to roll out, but they bring major long-term benefits which easily justify the expense.

5 Reasons You Need a School Bus Tracking App

Why Every District Should Be Considering School Bus Tracking Systems

1. Instant Information About Every Bus’s Status

Why leave anything about your buses to chance? With GPS tracking systems in place, tied to a map of the area, you’ll always know exactly where your buses are – within a few feet! Better yet, you can set up alerts that will let you know if the bus stops unnecessarily, deviates from its route, or otherwise shows worrisome behavior.

2. Faster Emergency Response

When you know where your buses are with precision, that means you can also quickly dispatch help when it’s needed. Having precise location data, and instant alerts if something is wrong, potentially means lives being saved.

3. Access From Anywhere

The data from the GPS unit can be streamed to your home office, or to a smartphone app, or to almost anywhere else you want. You could potentially even give parents the ability to directly check on their child’s location for themselves. That cuts down on calls to the office!

4. Gain Precise Performance Data

Another major benefit to bus tracking is that your performance data gains extra depth, with extra-precise mileage calculations, braking distance data, and other useful diagnostic information. This makes bus maintenance easier, as well as giving you more options for performance optimizations like reducing fuel use.

5. Monitor Driver Behavior

Sure, your drivers are supposed to be stopping for every stop sign and railroad crossing – but are they really? With school bus tracking systems, you will be able to monitor their driving habits and make sure they’re always driving legally.

In short, school bus tracking systems can quickly pay for themselves in terms of their overall benefits, especially in terms of optimization and preventing driver misbehavior.