SpotBus For Parents & Students

Catching the school bus shouldn’t be a daily challenge. If you don’t like,

  • rushing to your bus stop worried you may have missed the school bus
  • waiting at the bus stop because the bus is late
  • standing at the bus stop in cold, wind, rain, or snow
  • having to arrive early to meet your child because the bus might be early too

then we have something you might like very much: SpotBus, Inc

SpotBus is the smartphone app that shows you where your bus is and tells you when it will arrive at your stop. It’s simple to use, accurate, and reliable.

While other apps can tell you how far away the bus is (in miles), only SpotBus can tell when it will actually arrive

Middle and high school kids love it because it tells them when the bus will arrive at their stop so they can avoid waiting at the bus stop in poor weather when the bus is running late, and never wait for a bus they have actually missed.

Parents love it because nobody has to wait around at the bus stop, and it’s easy to meet their kids at just the right time.

Catching the school bus is easy when your school district adopts SpotBus!

Locate : Never guess again. With SpotBus, you can see the exact location of your school bus before you even leave your home.

Missed Bus : Never again wait for a missed bus. With SpotBus you’ll know when the bus will arrive at your stop (or when it left).

No More Calls : SpotBus eliminates the need to call your school for bus information. And no more missed calls from your school when the bus is running late.

Poor Weather : No more waiting in the cold, wind, rain, or snow.

Predicts Arrival : SpotBus accurately predicts when your bus will arrive at your stop.

Multiple Buses : Track all of the school buses your children ride.

FAQ: Parents & Students

1. When can I start using SpotBus?

If your school district is already using SpotBus, click the Download link on this web site and you can start using SpotBus immediately.

If SpotBus isn’t yet available in your school district, you and your neighbors should ask your school district to adopt SpotBus.

2. Can I give SpotBus a try?                                                           

Yes, SpotBus is free for months to parents and students in school districts that adopt SpotBus.

3. How much does SpotBus cost?                                                   

As mentioned it is free for the first two month and there after you will be billed $5 to $10 per account/ per login.

4. My kids take different school buses. How does that work?

SpotMyBus allows you to track all of your children’s school buses.

5. How accurately will SpotBus predict arrival time for my bus?

SpotBus predicts arrival time with high accuracy, but it simply isn’t possible to tell you the exact second your bus will arrive until it actually reaches your stop. Therefore, when SpotBus tells you the estimated arrival time it also shows a range (e.g. +/- 2 minutes).

SpotBus uses proprietary, statistical methods to ensure that its arrival estimates are the most accurate possible.

6. Some of my friends use SpotBus but I can’t. Why not?

Your friends must be in a school district which has already adopted SpotBus. As soon as your school district decides to make SpotBus available you can use it too.

If SpotBus isn’t yet available in your school district, you and your neighbors should ask your school district to adopt SpotBus.

7. Can I use SpotBus with a web browser, or must I use a smartphone?

Presently, for maximum security, SpotBus for Parents and Student is only available as an app for smartphones and tablets. But not limited to Bus Operators, School District.