In the past year since the beginning of Coronavirus, most of the industry focused on modifying the workforce to be more reliant on technology. There is a significant rise in cloud-based platforms and portals, which companies need for their daily operations, as the new normal is not going away anytime soon, and works need to get started. The situation is not different for school bus companies and school transportation administration, as many states reopen schools with the Hybrid model. The fleet management system needs to be part of a new change.

SpotBus Inc has developed a Spotbus application for parents and drivers connected to the administration portal. The three-way integrated system provides live GPS tracking of buses and stores all bus driver and students’ information. SpotBus is also a cloud-based software developed on the AWS platform, making it available on all platforms and can modify according to customers’ needs. The main goal of SpotBus Inc is to provide Live GPS tracking of fleet and maintenance of record in the most more straightforward manner.

The GPS tracking service providers’ market is old, and multiple companies provide these services; what makes Spotbus different from others is its Live tracking in the Spotbus application and portal.
The GPS tracking feature of Spotbus provides ETA up to 1 min of arrival (similar to uber), which is the most advanced in the industry, as most of the companies use the geo-tracking function for its GPS tracking. SpotBus Inc team developed its admin portal and application by keeping in mind that anyone can use it with the simplest user-interface and does not require any specific training.

The SpotBus mobile application for parents is developed under close surveillance of the Spotbus Inc technical team. SpotBus Inc team did in-depth research on the user (parents). It developed its unique features like setting multiple customized reminders according to their needs, adding students, and a simple payment process. SpotBus driver application helps the driver update the bus route, and the student picks up and drops location.

SpotBus Inc GPS tracking service is, in short, a complete solution that a fleet management company can look around for GPS tracking and management of their fleet. Many companies charge high prices for these services, but Spotbus Inc provides it free of cost to the school administration and Transportation companies.